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Newsletter Nov. 2023

Newsletter Oct. 2023


OCTOBER 6, 2023

A  report on our collective commitment

The Hope India Mission Board Meeting was held at the Hyatt Hotel in Charlotte, North Carolina, on October 6, 2023. This significant event was a culmination of collective efforts, dedication, and the grace of the Lord.

Board Members and Ambassadors: Board members from various parts of the United States and our distinguished guests gathered for this important occasion. The board consisted of Jon Bourgain and John Manta from Denver, Colorado; Roger Muselman and Naomi Muselman from Indiana; Karen Thomas from Kentucky; Aaron Ensley from Michigan; Norman Wretlind, Bob Williamsen, Terry Oldham, and Jim Kniffen from North Carolina and Abraham Elavatta from India.

In addition to the board members, we extended invitations to 15 dear friends from across the country, who served as Ambassadors for this meeting.

The Meeting Highlights: The entire board and Ambassadors arrived a day earlier, on October 5, to ensure that our meeting on the 6th would be a resounding success. The board meeting commenced at 9 AM and concluded at 11 AM. We can proudly say that our board meeting was a great success. We came together, shared our experiences, insights, and fervent dedication to the mission’s cause.

Reports and Gratitude: Elavatta Abraham, the President of Hope India Mission, presented the annual report, outlining the incredible progress and the impact of our mission. Roger Muselman, our dedicated treasurer, submitted the financial report, shedding light on our responsible stewardship.

Our board chairman, Jon Bourgain, chaired the meeting with utmost dedication and commitment.

Other Developments: Following the board meeting, we all enjoyed a delightful lunch. However, our day was far from over. At 2 PM, we visited Billy Graham’s library. This experience left a profound impact on all who were present.

Later, at 6 PM, we had a fellowship dinner at the residence of Bob Williamsen, one of our board members. This occasion was a perfect way to wind down, sharing a meal and pleasant conversations.

We are pleased to announce that our annual ministry budget for 2024 has been set at $992,000. This budget will enable us to continue our vital work in India. We humbly request your prayers for God’s guidance, protection, and provision as we move forward.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our board members and Ambassadors who made this event so memorable. Special thanks go to Terry Oldham and the dedicated North Carolina teams for their relentless efforts in organizing this wonderful gathering. We praise the Lord for His abundant blessings on Hope India Mission, knowing that with your support and prayers, we will continue to make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we serve.

Newsletter Sept. 2023


Expanding Our Mission: Reaching Unreached and Telling the Untold in 13 States with 40 New Missionaries

Missionary Commissioning: Empowering a New Generation of Ambassadors

Hope India Mission marked a significant milestone on August 18, 2023, as we commissioned 40 dedicated missionaries to spread the message of hope and love across 13 North Indian states. This event was not just a mere ceremony but a profound recognition of God’s calling and the relentless pursuit of His mission.

40 for 40 Expanding Horizons

This commissioning was unparalleled in our history, with 40 new missionaries stepping into 40 distinct mission fields, echoing the call to reach the unreached. Their commitment and willingness to serve are testaments to their  faith and dedication.

A Time of Equipping and Transformation

Prior to the commissioning, these missionaries underwent rigorous training at Hope India Mission’s Theo-Tech Institute in Patna (Bible College & Missionary Training Institute). Here, they were equipped with theological knowledge, practical skills, and spiritual strength to face the unique challenges of their respective mission fields.

Diverse Backgrounds, Unified Purpose

These 40 missionaries come from diverse backgrounds, yet they share a common purpose: to illuminate the lives of those who have not yet heard the message of Christ’s love. They hail from different states and regions, people groups, uniting under the banner of Hope India Mission to bring about transformation in their communities.

The Urgency of the Mission

In regions often referred to as the “Graveyard of Missionaries,” these brave individuals accepted the challenge to tread where few have ventured before. Their mission fields encompass remote villages, tribal communities, and densely populated cities, where they will share the Gospel and demonstrate Christ’s love through their actions.

A Vision of Hope

As we look to the future, we envision these 40 new missionaries as beacons of hope in their mission fields. Their presence will not only introduce the message of salvation but also inspire positive changes, bringing hope to countless lives.

Standing in Unity

This commissioning event was a testament to the power of unity and collective purpose. Hope India Mission, alongside its supporters, sponsors, and well-wishers, is committed to standing beside these missionaries, providing them with prayer, guidance, and the resources they need.

A Call to Prayer

As these missionaries embark on their respective journeys, we ask for your prayers. Pray for their safety, strength and wisdom. Pray for open hearts and receptive communities. Together, let us intercede on their behalf, knowing that through prayer, we play a vital role in this transformative mission.


WHY THE PROJECT: While countries like the USA receive plenty of cross-cultural leaders in regions that are already reached, India has by far the most need for workers in its unreached areas, but still receives far less than other nations. Our churches (Emmanuel Fellowship Churches) alone minister to more than a hundred castes in nine North Indian states. Many castes, subcastes and tribes are newly reached every year in remote villages and towns. Every Indian caste has a separate way of life. Even people of two different castes or tribes rarely enter wedlock and it is even prohibited by the caste system. For members of a caste, a non-native church planter is like an alien who preaches about a foreign God. This is one of the main challenges that a church planter of another caste faces. Because each of these castes and communities is distinctive, each of them will require separate ways of mission strategies, disciple-making process and church planting. Even after coming to the faith they rarely marry outside their caste. To reach them, a church planter must have a thorough knowledge of the caste or subcaste he is about to reach. In reality, a native church planter of the same village and community is best suited for this job! And Emmanuel TheoTech College and 16 of its branches are set up for this specific purpose.

THE SOLUTION: Project Emmanuel TheoTech College is our answer to specifically train and raise native leaders within castes, subcastes, tribes and subtribes. God enabled Rev. Dr. Abraham and Hope India Mission to establish a Central College (TheoTech) in Patna City that offers residential leadership training. Because this was limited to a few students, we expanded the project by adding 16 branches to it. This has created a decentralized leadership training facility across the far unreached rural communities of our mission.

Secondly, it is helping to raise and equip more native leaders to take up the task of reaching their-own communities and repeat that cycle.

THE FRUIT: The above picture was taken during the graduation ceremony of one of such centers in a remote village in Chhattisgarh state. More than 400 leaders are now being trained through this project in six North Indian states.

The Vision Center: A center of Hope for Bihar and North India

The Vision Center, located in a village near Patna (Bihar), was established in 2012 by Rev. Dr. E.A. Abraham, the founder of Hope India Mission, with the aim of providing training and resources for churches and believers in Bihar and North India. It has become a hub for Hope India Mission’s efforts to bring the Gospel to those who have not yet heard it.

The center serves as a Bible school (TheoTech College), local church, village school, orphanage, and more. The TheoTech College has trained over 550 Bible graduates, who have become dedicated evangelists in Bihar. Students from different states come to the institute to study for several months and complete their training, and the impact of their work is felt throughout the region.

The Vision Center’s success is a testament to the power of vision and leadership and a shining example of what can be achieved with faith and hard work. In this report, we will take a detailed look at the achievements and activities of the center.

TheoTech College: Combining IT Education and Theological Training for Aspiring Missionaries in North India

The Emmanuel TheoTech College is a unique and innovative institution located within the Vision Center in a village near Patna. Formerly known as the Emmanuel Leadership Training Center, the college provides IT education, modern life skills, and theological training to aspiring missionaries in North India. The college aims to equip and empower the next generation of Christian leaders to serve effectively in their communities and bring the Gospel to the unreached.

The college provides IT education and training to help students learn the latest technology and develop necessary skills for the modern world. The college also provides theological training, covering topics such as Bible study, evangelism, worship, and discipleship. In 2022, the theology department of the college was upgraded to a B.Th level with a 3-year mandatory course, providing students with a deeper understanding of theology and the knowledge and skills necessary to serve as effective leaders in their communities.

Barnabas Home and Esther Home: Providing a Safe and Loving Environment for Orphaned and Rescued Children

The Barnabas Home for boys and the Esther Home for girls were established to provide orphans, semi-orphans, and rescued children from North India with a safe and secure home, education, medical care, nutritious food, moral and spiritual education, and a family-like atmosphere. The homes offer high-quality education covering essential subjects and moral and spiritual values to help shape the children’s character. The children also receive medical care and nutritious food to ensure their well-being. The staff works tirelessly to provide individual attention to each child and help them reach their full potential.

Emmanuel Mission Public School at The Vision Center: Providing Quality Education and Advancing the Gospel in Bihar

Emmanuel Mission Public School is a Christian school situated within Vision Center that provides quality English education to poor children and collects minimal fees from others to support mission activities. The school was established in 2012 to provide a strategic way to reach the unreached and make the Gospel accessible in Bihar, a state known for its anti-Christian sentiments. The school has a dedicated team of trained Christian teachers who impart moral and spiritual education alongside a curriculum that focuses on English, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Computer Science. The school provides a supportive environment for children to grow, learn and participate in extracurricular activities. Beyond education, the school serves as a platform for the mission to advance the Gospel, share the love of Christ, and reach the unreached in the area.

The Local Church in The Vision Center: A Place of Worship and Community for local Believers

The Vision Center also houses a local church that caters to the spiritual needs of the surrounding community. The church serves as a place of worship and community for the believers in North India, providing them with opportunities to come together to praise and worship God, learn from His word, and build relationships with one another. With a current congregation of around 80 members, the church is an important part of the Vision Center’s outreach efforts, offering support and encouragement to those who seek to follow Jesus in this region.

The Vision Center: A Hub for Seminars and Outdoor Conferences

In addition to its role as a church, the Vision Center is also utilized for indoor and outdoor conferences for the believers. These events provide a valuable opportunity for believers from different churches and regions to come together for a time of teaching, worship, and fellowship. The center’s facilities, including classrooms, meeting rooms, and outdoor spaces, provide a suitable environment for these gatherings, allowing participants to learn and grow in their faith. Through these events, the Vision Center helps to strengthen the church in North India and advance the gospel in the region.

The Freedom Center at Vision Center: Empowering Widows and Underprivileged Women

The Freedom Center at Vision Center is a lifeline for widows and underprivileged women who have fallen prey to false promises of financial gain by unscrupulous people. This center provides them with an opportunity to learn skills that can help them earn a livelihood on their own. The center offers training in stitching and tailoring, and once the women have mastered the skills, they are gifted with a free tailoring machine to start their own business.

This initiative has been a boon for many underprivileged women who have set up their shops in the comfort of their homes. The Freedom Center also offers adult literacy classes, which have further helped these women improve their reading and living standards to new heights.

Humanitarian Projects at The Vision Center: Providing Care and Support to Those in Need

The Vision Center is a center for humanitarian efforts of Hope India Mission, including free medical services, nutritious meals, and winter clothes and blankets distribution to the poor and needy in the surrounding villages. The disaster relief programs offer immediate aid to those affected by disasters, such as food, water, medical assistance, and shelter. These efforts demonstrate the Mission’s commitment to serving the people of North India and showing the love of Christ in practical ways.

Workshops and Mega Events at The Vision Center

The Vision Center of Hope India Mission serves as a training center for Christian workers and a venue for events and workshops. It hosts the Annual Conference of Hope India Mission, a three-day event where Christian believers and their families from nine different states in India gather to pray, sing, and learn from each other. The conference is also an opportunity for matchmaking, which highlights the importance of building strong Christian families and communities. The Vision Center’s programs and events are crucial to Hope India Mission’s efforts to promote the Gospel of Christ in North India and provide a platform for education, training, and resources for churches and individuals to grow and share their faith.

A Beacon of Hope: The Vision Center at the Heart of Hope India Mission’s Efforts to Advance the Gospel in North India

In conclusion, the Vision Center is a crucial component of Hope India Mission’s efforts to reach the unreached and promote the Gospel of Christ in North India. The center provides education, training, and resources to churches and believers, and provides a safe and loving environment for children in need. The Mission’s focus on providing both theological training and secular education helps the aspiring missionaries to serve as “tent making ministers” who can support themselves while ministering. The Vision Center project is a testament to the Mission’s commitment to spreading the word of God and helping the people of North India.

Rescuing, Nurturing, and Transforming Lives: The Story of Priyanka and Hope India Mission

Hope in Action, Transforming One Life at a Time

Saraswathi Devi and Bablu, a couple from Bihar, had been living a relatively happy married life despite their challenging circumstances. They were poor, landless, and homeless, residing in a tiny rented house. To escape poverty and provide their small children with a better future and education, they made the difficult decision to migrate to Patna City, the capital of Bihar.

Upon their arrival in Patna, Bablu found work as a cycle rickshaw driver, which proved to be a reliable source of income for supporting their family. It seemed like their dreams of a more prosperous life were within reach. However, tragedy struck when Bablu’s cycle rickshaw collided with a truck, resulting in his untimely death.

Devastated by the loss of her husband, Saraswathi Devi suffered both mentally and physically. She became mentally unstable and neglected her two young children, often wandering the streets without returning home. Tragically, she disappeared in early 2011 and remains untraceable to this day.

During this challenging time, the only person who showed care and concern for the children was their landlord, Mr. Birendra Kumar Singh. Although he nurtured them, he had limited information about their family, origin, relatives, or neighbors. His wife was less receptive to the idea of keeping the children in their own home, leading to inadequate care and nourishment for them.

Desperate to address the situation, Mr. Birendra Kumar Singh was approached by a couple who expressed a desire to adopt the toddler. However, they favored adopting a baby boy, a common preference in many parts of India due to cultural biases that place higher value on male children. This discriminatory practice has contributed to high rates of female feticide and infanticide in the country.

However, the Lord had different plans for Priyanka, the older girl, who was three years old at the time. It was through one of Hope India Mission’s believers that Priyanka’s story reached Rev. E. A. Abraham. Following the necessary legal procedures, Priyanka was welcomed into Esther Home on March 31, 2014, becoming its youngest member.

Hope India Mission’s child sponsorship program plays a vital role in providing urgent care and support to impoverished children across North India. This program extends assistance to orphaned and semi-orphaned children who lack access to education, proper nutrition, medical care, and knowledge of Jesus. These children are identified through the outreach efforts of missionaries and volunteers from various regions.

Many of these vulnerable children receive support from compassionate sponsors. The sponsorship not only provided Priyanka with essential resources but also enabled her to thrive for eight years in our orphanage, where she received a values-based education. She actively participates in the activities of the local church and continues to grow in her faith and understanding of the Lord.

Through the generosity of mission organizations like ‘Forgotten Children,’ countless orphans and semi-orphans have found shelter and support, ultimately transforming their lives. Some of our children have graduated and are now employed, while others are pursuing undergraduate studies. These partnerships with sponsors and mission organizations have made a significant impact on the lives of these children and families who would otherwise face immense challenges in leading a quality life and attaining higher education. Hope India Mission remains committed to rescuing, sheltering, and transforming the lives of these precious individuals.