About Us

Reaching the Unreached and Transforming Lives

  • Our Mission & Vision: At Hope India Mission, our mission is encapsulated in the profound phrase, “Reach the Unreached and Tell the Untold.” This vision is the guiding star that has illuminated our journey since our inception.
  • Our Story: Hope India Mission’s journey began with an extraordinary calling in 1982 when our founder, Rev. Dr. E.A. Abraham, left his home state of Kerala in South India to embark on a transformative mission. He ventured into the distant and impoverished land of Siwan in Bihar, North India, a place that had remained largely untouched by the message of Christ. In those early years, the challenges were formidable, and the harvest was scarce. It took a decade of dedication before the first three souls embraced the love of Christ. These initial fruits marked the beginning of a remarkable transformation that would radiate throughout the region.
  • Our Transformative Approach: Hope India Mission operates as a team of the Lord’s servants and Life Transforming Agents, driven by the redemptive love and compassion of Jesus Christ. We believe in being the hands and feet of Christ in our communities. Our ministry spans a wide array of initiatives, each designed to bring hope, education, and transformation:
  • Church Planting Initiatives:

As Rev. Dr. E.A. Abraham’s commitment bore fruit when the first three souls embraced the Lord, it became a turning point. Rev. Dr. Abraham began training native missionaries, equipping them to carry the Gospel to remote villages and towns, where opposition was high. Today, the mission has expanded to 13 North Indian states, with over 200+ pastors, 98 central churches, and more than 1600 house churches. These churches, often in marginalized areas, are beacons of hope and community, embodying the transformative power of faith, resilience, and commitment to reach the unreached.

  • Community & Child Care Centers: We extend our love and care to the most vulnerable in society, nurturing and supporting children and their families through various projects and two if its child care centers.
  • Mission Schools: FIve of our mission schools are beacons of knowledge, imparting education to over 3500+ students from diverse faiths. These schools are great support to our vision of Reaching the Unreached.
  • Community Development Programs: We believe in holistic development. Our community programs address various aspects of life, from healthcare to economic empowerment. Hundreds of projects are being carried out throughout the fields.
  • Bible Colleges: We equip leaders and missionaries with the knowledge and faith required to serve effectively in the mission field.
  • Diverse Projects: Our work extends into multiple projects aimed at addressing the needs of the communities we serve.
  • Our Team: Hope India Mission is powered by a team of 200+ pastors (Community Leaders) and supported by hundreds of passionate volunteers. We also do have 150+ teaching staff across our schools. While many of our dedicated staff are actively engaged in reaching the unreached in remote and underserved regions, some work in our administrative office to ensure the smooth functioning of our mission.
  • Our Leadership: Our Board of Directors comprises a diverse collection of leaders who share a common vision of reaching the unreached. They provide strategic guidance to steer our mission in the right direction.

At Hope India Mission, our heartbeat is the holistic transformation of lives and society through the love of Christ. We strive to be a source of hope, a beacon of education, and a catalyst for positive change. Our dedication to the unreached and untold is unwavering, and together with our global community of supporters, we are making a lasting impact in the lives of thousands.