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Emmanuel Schools

Under the visionary leadership of Rev. E.A. Abraham, Emmanuel Schools is growing. The first school began with one child at Siwan in 1986 with a vision to change the caste-bound and community-divided society. The medium of education became a successful tool to repair and transform the society.

Today there are four schools with over 3,000 children.

Through Emmanuel Schools, value-based Christian education is available to the children of North India so they can know Jesus personally, guiding their lives and molding future generations for Christ. We offer scholarships to Hindu Muslim orphans, semi-orphans and children who are very poor. To help us in our effort, you can sponsor a child with a donation of $20 per month.

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Emmanuel Leadership Training Center

The nation of India has the second largest population in the world, with more than one billion people who remain primarily unreached. The fields are ready for harvest and dedicated servants are needed.

Emmanuel Leadership Training Center is a Bible College committed to train, equip and send native evangelists to remote regions of North India with the goal of reaching every man with the love of Jesus Christ.

461 missionaries have attended Bible College at the Emmanuel Leadership Training Center, and are actively involved in Church Planting across different regions of North India.

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Emmanuel Children’s Movement

Emmanuel Children’s Movement strengthens children spiritually, transforming them into true disciples of Jesus Christ and developing them into healthy citizens active in their local churches. Every week hundreds of children come eager to learn about the truth and love of Jesus.

Sunday School, Children’s Clubs and Vacation Bible Schools welcome children across different castes, faiths & beliefs, teaching a sense of unity and love. We have developed a successful outreach to welcome thousands of children of all avenues of life through the missions and educational centers in association with Hope India Mission.

One example is our 2016 Vacation Bible School that included thirty Bible teachers who lead fourteen MEGA VBS gatherings across North India. VBS is the most successful way to reach children and we approach our VBS events with great vigor and enthusiasm across North India.

Emmanuel Children’s Movement offers a place for committed men and women to serve by teaching Sunday School, serving in Emmanuel Schools or helping in our Orphanages. Because ministry occurs throughout the week, there are many opportunities to serve and still remain in a Sunday fellowship group. Everyone is invited to serve by offering prayer, becoming an active participant, or providing donations.

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Bibles and Devotional Materials

We print and provide Hindi Bibles, devotionals and educational materials with the Hope India Mission printing press in Patna, making reading material available to all.

Hundreds of missionary organizations and independent workers receive these materials and are rewarded with great benefits to teach and spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


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