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Since HIM'S inception in 1984, it has been a better companion to thousands of unprivileged and needy people in India. Because of our hard work, many broken families unite; alcoholics and drug addicts find relief. Many youngsters find new hope and meaning in their lives. The villages and places that used for abuse, robbery, fighting and killing are turning into centers of care, sharing and fellowship. All these community transformations become possible through the initiatives of the visionary leadership and wholehearted dedication of its Chief Functionary Rev. Dr. E. A. Abraham and his dedicated social work team. HIM'S social development initiatives motivated and challenged individuals to become physically, mentally and emotionally healthy. We have trained a number of full-time social workers and hundreds of volunteers and they are at work throughout different villages in North India.

Child Development Centers

Barnabas and Esther Homes are HIM'S orphanages - an attempt to kindle a light in the darker life of orphans and needy children in the State of Bihar (North India). All the children are provided with free value ­based education and all their amenities are met free of cost. HIM is able to serve these children through the generous support of its sponsors and well-wishers.

Self-mployment training centers

The marginalized ladies and widows in India lead a tough way of living. Widows abound in society due to high murder rates and death from uncountable diseases and divorces. Child marriage, poverty and illiteracy add more fuel to the flame. There are many young women and widows exploited by the false hope of financial benefits and job offers by evil people. To prevent such exploitations and to help the poor woman of the society, Hope India Mission has commenced a number of Sewing Centers and other micro-business ventures for these targeted people groups. This will help them stand on their own feet and provide them a hopeful and dignified future.

Safe drinking water projects

In the harsh o summer season, people in many North Indian villages do not have access to wells and ponds. Most of the time, people have to walk miles in search of available water resources. To adjust to such difficulties, they are even forced to compromise on the quality of the water and collect it from any available sources. As a remedy to this situation, Hope India Mission has come with with the idea of installing tube and bore wells in various villages.

Non-formal Education Centers

Hope India Mission takes the hope of light to many villages through its free non-formal way of education. School dropouts and children from below poverty backgrounds are enrolled in this program. Akshara, an adult version of non-formal schooling is targeted at adults who cannot read or write. Every year, a number of children and adults benefit from this program.

Disaster Relief

On the occurrence of any natural calamities, a team is formed to carry out relief works and extend a helping hand to the victims. Every year, HIM extend comfort, guidance, and financial help to a number of flood/cyclone/drought-affected families in North India. Our response team act accordingly by providing both short- and long-term assistance to the needy in the affected areas.

Mission Schools

Five of our Mission Schools play a great role in equipping responsible future citizens for the community and the nation. It is also a good tool to repair and reform society. Here, some of the poor students are supported free of cost. It enabled them to realize their dreams of accomplishing higher studies.

NeighborHope International

Loving your neighbors really could be fun. In fact, it could be a party! NeighborHope Ministries International is an encouraging and mobilizing movement for Christian leaders to share the love and compassion of God with neighbors through Christmas parties and other festive occasions. By inviting and celebrating with neighbors, the true message of celebrating Christmas, Easter and other events is shared with them. HWe have trained more than 3500 leaders on conducting Chirstmas Parties at their locations. During the Christmas season, accompanied by carols, our believers travel from house-to-houses and invite neighbors to Christmas celebrations.