Prayer Points

Prayer Points:

  1. Pray for Rev. Dr. E.A. Abraham’s safe ongoing overseas (USA & Canada) travel and the success of his programs. (His Canada number- till May 12 – 778-980-8465, USA number –  828-457-8558 – till June 4)
  2. Pray for Missionaries Yogendra and Raju Ram for speedy recovery.
  3. For God’s guidance and provision for upcoming VBS programs in different states.
  4. Pray for increased admissions for schools starting from April 2024.
  5. Urgently pray for the completion of three classrooms and toilets in our schools by the end of June to start 11th grade in July.
  6. Pray  for more admissions and committed teachers in our mission schools.
  7. Please pray for God’s provision for the construction of Patna City Church, commencing this month.
  8. Pray for peaceful and successful upcoming federal government elections in India.