Prayer Points

Prayer Points:

  1. Intercede in prayer for the safety and guidance of Hope India Mission’s president, Rev. Dr. E.A. Abraham, during his one-and-a-half-month mission trip to the United States. He can be reached at his USA number 8284578558.
  2. Pray for the upcoming literacy class teachers’ orientation program (under our Social Development Department) , scheduled to be held in the second week of this month, that it may be fruitful and impactful.
  3. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment in the hiring of good Christian teaching staff for our mission schools especially a good Principal, to fill the vacant positions effectively.
  4. Pray for the dental checkup program scheduled for the first week of September, that it may bring about improved dental health among those served.
  5. Pray for the safety and well-being of our field coordinators as they travel in the field, that they may be protected and guided in their work.
  6. Pray for the successful progress of Project Patna City Church, especially for acquiring its own building and the necessary resources needed for its establishment.
  7. Pray earnestly for the believers in Sikandepur, UttarPradesh, who are facing challenges in finding a rented hall for their worship and prayer gatherings due to external pressures. Ask for divine intervention and provision.
  8. pray for the progress of the construction of the Tendupara Church Building in Chhattisgarh, as it is currently under construction with local contributions. Pray for the remaining fund of $8000, needed to complete the building.
  9. Pray for the speedy recovery and improved health of our missionary Vidya Lakra, who has been battling sickle cell disease for an extended period.
  10. Please pray for Kamila Maa’m, the Principal of Emmanuel Mission School, Siwan, who is admitted in hospital after her delivery with one of her twin babies in the NICU. Pray for their swift recovery and well-being.
  11. Pray for Kishmati Devi, a devoted believer, who is facing a tumor in her head and is scheduled for an operation. Pray for the success of the surgery and her complete healing.