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Nisha (23) fell from a 3-story building – Has been bedridden for almost 5 years – Now accepts Christ!

She was paralyzed and bedridden for the past 5 years following an accident. When she accepted Jesus, a gradual transformation is taking place in her. Now she attends the church sitting on her wheelchair, which no one could have ever imagined of.

After observing her anxious college mate who couldn’t afford a place to stay at nights, Nisha somehow convinced her opposed parents and welcomed her home. Even though her friend Puja was a contact of merely a few weeks, it was an act of compassion from Nisha’s end. They both studied and attended college together. When Puja got into a bad company, Nisha could no more defend her friend before her parents. She wanted to counsel her friend and so she took her to the terrace where she thought to chat privately. Puja’s reaction was so unfortunate that in annoyance she pushed Nisha forward, causing her to fall off the three-story building. The unintentional incident caused Nisha to fracture her spine, become permanently bedridden and suffer the pain. Her friend was nowhere to be seen again. Her inactivity caused bedsores and that doubled her agony. This was the time when our Patna church community happened to visit and comforted her with love of Christ Jesus. Frequent visits by the Youth Team were of great relief to Nisha and her family members. With the help of her mother and brother, she attended prayer meetings and the church on special occasions. Her faith in Jesus and our fellowship helped to minimize her sufferings greatly. Finally, on October 11, 2016, Nisha accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior at the venue of our Annual Conference celebrations. Observing her progress, Nisha’s family members also have now begun to attend our church in Patna. Please pray for her to remain in faith and her family to follow the same.


Two important prayer requests:


  1. She is needs a motorized wheel chair for free movement.
  2. She wishes to buy a computer to open a small IT center to perform jobs like D.T.P, Photoshop etc. to become self-sustainable in life. Her parents do not have any investment for her. With $ 800 you can buy her a computer with printer for her small IT shop.

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