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Hope India Mission (Known as E.C.F.C. in India) is mainly driven by committed Pastors and volunteers who are busy ministering in the distant and un-reached regions of North India. As the result of our hard work, thousands were saved, broken families united, alcoholics and drug addicts changed their way of life, wandering youngsters found new hope and meaning in their lives. The places of abuse, robbery, fighting and killing turned around to be places of care, share, love and fellowship.


[highlight type=”light”]Emmanuel Leadership Training Center (E.L.T.C.)[/highlight] was established to train and equip young natives (Men & women) to take the challenge and reach their own communities with the Good News. It motivated and challenged them to become agents to proclaim and practice the love of God. We have trained more than 500 full time social workers and hundreds of volunteers so far and they are at work around North India.


[highlight type=”light”]HIM’s Conferences and seminars [/highlight] were well received in villages and cities. Thousands of people heard the Good News for the first time in their lives. As the result, thousands were saved, many broken families united, alcoholics and drug addicts changed their way of life, wandering youngsters found new hope and meaning in their lives. The places of abuse, robbery, fighting and killing turned around to be places of care, share, love and fellowship.


Christmas is a good occasion to reach people in India. HIM reached millions of people through cable T.V., National T.V. network and through VCDs. We reached the officials, Political leaders, even the Chief Ministers and the Cabinet Ministers with the Gospel. We have been using this as an effective evangelism strategy since the year 2000 in partnership with Neighbor Hope Ministries International. Christmas evangelism parties are held on every Christmas season. Thousands of lay men, evangelists and pastors have benefited from the Training Seminars conducted in partnership with [highlight type=”light”]N.H.I. (NeighborHope International)[/highlight] all over India.


HIM could bring light into many villages as part of its community development programs, such as [highlight type=”light”]village literacy & hygiene classes and through counseling[/highlight] to specific life problems. Many of them were transformed into dynamic preachers, organizers and leaders in their respective communities.


[highlight type=”light”]HIM links with other Missions and like-minded individuals[/highlight] to plan, train, educate, arrange and to work for the expansion of the Whole Gospel. It has the vigor, vision and enthusiasm with a fiery desire and dream to do more for the Glory of God. After observing the solid nature of the work, recognition and the contributions of HIM, many organizations joined hands with us to reach the un-reached in India and abroad.



We have been a better companion for the deprived in Bihar, U.P., Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Jharkhand since the year 1984. As the result of our hard work, many broken families united, alcoholics and drug addicts were saved, aimless youngsters found new hope and meaning. The places of abuse, robbery, fighting and killing turned into centers of care, sharing and fellowship. All these community transformations became possible only through the initiatives of the visionary leadership and wholehearted dedication of Rev. E. A. Abraham and his social work team.

Many native men and women were sent to train other young native people to accomplish their challenges and reach their goals. It motivated and challenged them to become physically, mentally and emotionally healthy.



HIM could become a light in the midst of many villages through non-formal education. Training, seminars and counseling were conducted on basic concerns like personal hygiene, alcoholism, self-sustainability and the need for unity among families. Many got transformed their personalities and became organizers of social activities at their respective communities.



Siwan Child Development Center (S.C.D.C) is HIM’s attempt to kindle a light in the darkness. In partnership with Compassion International, we have adopted 4 villages in Siwan (Hardia, Pakkara, Mapur & Hadda no.2).  Hundreds of Children below the age of 12 are enjoying the benefits of the project. We could fulfill their primary needs like health, standard education, personal hygiene and personality development. ‘One-time meal program’, which consists of a nourishing meal, ensures the nutritional needs of the growing children. We also do provide them free study materials and clothing. [highlight type=”light”]UPDATE:[/highlight] In 2017, Compassion International  formally ended supports to their Indian partners at the request of Indian government. About 400 of our kids are now left without educational supports.



Barnabas home was founded in the year 2000 and Esther Home in 2002 as secure abodes for the unprivileged, orphans/semi orphans and for the children of the missionaries ministering in the remote regions of our vineyard. The Lord helped us to build a new home for our children. They were residing in rented spaces earlier.  In addition, poor children from remote villages where no schools exist are given admission here. Our orphanages help reach more people than any other ministry initiatives. We get a direct link with the local guardian and his village when an orphan is enrolled to the orphanage, which is an outstanding ‘Entry Point’ for the Gospel to be preached. All the children are provided with free value-based English education; as a result, many have decided to serve the Lord in future while some ex-dwellers are already serving the Lord through HIM.



Life is hard for a poor North Indian widow. They abound in the society due to the high murder rates, death from uncountable diseases and divorces. Child marriage, poverty and illiteracy add more fuel to this flame. There are many young women and widows exploited by false hope of financial benefits and job offers by evil people. To prevent such exploitation and to help the poor woman of the society, HIM has started many Sewing Centers. These centers will definitely help them stand on their feet and it has given hope, dignity and future to many widows and young women.



In the event of an emergency situation, a team is formed under the leadership and guidance of Rev. E.A. Abraham to carry out the relief works and extend helping hand to the victims of natural calamities i.e. flood, cyclone, starvation etc. HIM was also instrumental to offer help to the flood affected farmers by providing seeds and manure freely to the farmers for crop cultivation. Medical camps were a blessing for the suffering.



HIM got into the field of quality education in 1986 when Abraham founded a school with a single Muslim child at Siwan with a vision to change the caste bound and   communally      divided society. Now through Emmanuel Group of schools more than 3000 students thrive towards a successful academic experience. It has a twofold purpose. First, to create a Christian institution that would function as the headquarters of the ministry in the state of Bihar and second to educate and prepare the children for their role in spreading the Gospel. Through the school, value-based education is imparted to children. This will definitely guide and mold the future generations in the right direction. HIM is using these schools as a place of blessing for the ministry. Poor students are supported by HIM to accomplish their higher studies. This made possible for them to realize their dreams. We are confident that they will become shelters to their parents and strong pillars for the society in future.



Apart from the above-mentioned works, poor students are supported by HIM to accomplish their higher studies. This made possible for them to realize their dreams. We are confident that they will become shelters to their parents and strong pillars in the society in future.



The people of some villages in North India do not have access to wells and ponds as caste system and social status prevent them from doing so. Few of the hand pumps provided by government agencies are not working while others have dried out.  Hence, most of the times people have to walk miles in search of available water resources. To adjust with such difficulties, they are even forced to compromise on the quality of the water and collect it from any sources. As a remedy to this situation, HIM is instrumental in providing hand pumps and bore wells to various villages. Apart from the above-mentioned activities, HIM has collaborations with other similarly minded individuals to plan, train, educate, and arrange natives for a better future.  Moreover, we are proud about the very fact that we are on the progress and thankful to God and well-wishers.

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