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Self-employment Training

Many young ladies and widows in North India are exploited through the promise of jobs that offer false hope and financial benefits then are exploited by people with evil intentions. To prevent such exploitation and to help poor woman of our society, Hope India Mission has established six Tailoring Training Centers to teach student how to sew and provide for themselves and their families. So far many young ladies have completed their training, helping themselves and others.

Tailoring Training Centers:

  • help women as they try to mend clothes and their lives
  • enables women to stitch colorful clothes as well as their dreams
  • introduces women to the MASTER who can mend their broken lives and hearts

A new Tailoring Training Center to help more women earn through the skill of sewing can be started for $300.

Barnabas and Esther Home Orphanages

Barnabas and Esther Homes were founded as secure abodes for the under-privileged, orphans, and children of missionaries serving in remote regions where no schools are present.

Barnabas Home for boys, founded in 2000, was a provision of our Lord that allowed a permanent location after many years of using rental space. Along with Esther Home, founded in 2002, both orphanages serve children of the poorest families who are provided with free value-based education, food, and shelter.

Hope India Mission spreads the love of Christ through the love and assistance shared at our orphanages. As a result, many have decided to serve the Lord while in our care, and many serve Him afterward.

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