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Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center

Mission and Vision

Reach the Unreached and Tell the Untold

Pastor Abraham established Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center (ECFC) in 1984. In the United States, ECFC goes by the name of Hope India Mission (HIM), a 501c3 non-profit organization. ECFC/HIM is a Christ-centered ministry committed to:


Reaching and proclaiming the Good News to everyone who has a spiritual thirst and establish a witness for our Lord in eery tongue, tribe, and specifically among the unreached ethnic communities of North India.


Training Pioneer Workers by equipping men and women for the ministry through Bibles Course, Leadership Training and Pastoral Internship Programs, all which prepare those called as dedicated church planters.


Strengthening the cycle of evangelization in mission centers, serve widows, poorest of the poor, orphaned and children-at-risk and restore their broken lives by meeting their spiritual, emotional, educational and practical needs and training them to imitate the same by bringing the Gospel to those in their own villages who have not received it yet.


Building the newly established churches as the Lighthouses of the respective community. The sustained and established churches will be centers of spiritual union, learning and modeling to the freshly initiated daughter churches.

Since 1986, God has given Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center the grace to establish over 1750 house fellowships and 49 Mission Centers in various villages and towns in the North India states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal and Jharkhand.


Board and Staff

Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center is driven by 110 Evangelists and hundreds of volunteers who are engaged in ministering in the distant an unreached regions of North India. A few full-time staff serve in the office in Patna.

Our Indian Board consists of a diverse collection of inter-denominational leaders who share a common vision of reaching the unreached in North India.

More than 120 teaching and non-teaching teachers are involved in molding the new generation through Emmanuel Christian Fellowship Center.


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